EPO – Feedback Wanted

In reading up on natural ways to increase fertility, I came across this interesting article on http://www.babyhopes.com: Will Evening Primrose Oil Help Me Conceive? | Articles about Trying to Conceive / Getting Pregnant.

Evening Primrose Oil is said to increase a woman’s “eggwhite cervical mucus,” which can help those little spermy swimmers to stay alive longer by providing a comfortable environment for them as they wait for Ms. Egg, and then try to get to her.

Being on a “dryer” side of cervical mucus myself, I figured I would give this vitamin with the beautiful sounding name a try.

I’d like to know…


One thought on “EPO – Feedback Wanted

  1. Ive started taking it from the beginning of this cycle, not sure if the slightly increased discharge is from the primrose or the intercourse lol but I do think it has allot of benefits for women even if your not ttc x

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