Keep It Warm

Got home a little while ago from my IUI. I don’t quite know what to do with myself, but I decided to take it easy… especially in week 1.

I taught an aerobics class early this morning and then did a “baby wipe bath” in the staff room so as not to offend my poor doctor too much. :/ By the time class ended at 8:15, R had long since collected and dropped off his sample. I waited about an hour today before they took me in, which is the longest I have ever waited. Also… every woman had a toddler with her, which is usually not the case. I know this bothers some TTC women, but not me. Hopefully I will be one of those people when I’m TTC #2. But let me not get ahead of myself.

So I finally get taken into the exam room (Is it too late? Why haven’t I felt O pain? How long do sperm live after a wash…?!?). The nurse comes in for me to sign a consent for and to confirm the name on the sample… and then she says, “keep it warm” before closing the door behind her. And it hits me that I am sitting there, potentially holding half the DNA of my future child in the palm of my hand. So I tried to keep it warm. And I encouraged them… very quietly…

And now the TWW begins.

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