To the Core!

Pineapple core, that is!

Many TTC women who have achieved their BFPs swear by pineapple core.  What is the “core,” you may ask?



Pineapple core contains bromelain, which, from what I’ve read, acts an anti-inflammatory, blood thinner, AND it helps to produce cervical mucus.  For whatever scientific and physiological reasons bromelain helps with implantation, many women thank the pineapple core goddesses for their BFPs.  It is inexpensive, natural, and healthy, so I figure it is worth a try.  (Especially since my mother cut up a fresh pineapple last week and I tossed the core into the freezer for safe keeping.  Easy-peasy for me!).  Here is a great link that explains the whole pineapple thing much better than I have:  Honestly, you can google “TTC pineapple” about a gazillion options will pop up (many of which are testimonials!).

I tried eating 1/5 of a pineapple core every day for 5 days after IUI last month.  I did not get my BFP, BUT my progesterone levels were better.  I have no idea if the pineapple helped, but it certainly didn’t hurt. So, I am trying it again.  As this point, I have detoxed from all other TTC “home remedies.”  No more fertileCM, EPO, or any other supplements.  Just following doctor’s orders, taking my meds, and eating some pineapple core. Oh, and some Brazil Nuts.  😉  What “home remedies” do you subscribe to while TTC?



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