… Til it’s Pink

Tonight R and I went into the city and I had a drink drinks. 2, to be exact. I’m only mildly sorry about this. I guess I’m prescribing to “drink til it’s pink” for now.

I have a hard time putting life on hold for a “maybe baby.” I’m not going out and getting sloshed or anything like that, and most of the time that wonderful Clomid / HCG cocktail headache reminds me pretty fervently that I really shouldn’t be drinking anyway.

There are different schools of thought on this one so each of us IF ladies needs to make her own decision. I read in a few places that more than 4 drinks per week is linked to infertility. R and I are big foodies and we enjoy our, achem, beverages… but having read the research, I have definitely cut back! I have also read that a glass of red wine each night might help with implantation, so obviously that is what I’m choosing to listen to. The millisecond I see that BFP, not a sip of anything alcoholic will pass my lips, but until then… let the wine flow!

Do you abstain, or drink til it’s pink?

4 thoughts on “… Til it’s Pink

  1. I am with you… it is incredibly difficult to change your whole life for what ‘may or may not’ be happening. I struggle with this as well. Alcohol, caffeine, working out. Everyone has an opinion they are MORE then willing to share & I just try to muddle through and figure out what it is best for my ‘sanity’.

  2. Drink ’till it’s pink! I ask my RE about this when we had a vacation planned in Mexico. He said you’re not pregnant until a positive test and that anything that’s happening in there is due to chromosomes lining up properly, not the alcohol I’m drinking. So I’m going with that! Lol!

  3. I actually quit alcohol two weeks ago in anticipation of my first Clomid/HCG cycle…and Friday night, my husband came home with a 6-pack saying I’d earned it. Like you said, I didn’t get sloshed or nothing. I had two beers (which gave me enough of a buzz to be happy! 😛 ) and went to bed, woke up with a headache from probably the beer and med combo. Not fun, but it’s nice to not have to stress. So I’m drink until it’s pink too, I think! 🙂

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