When Your Body Doesn’t Cooperate…

URGH! I need some help, fellow TTCers. I’m in a little bit of a dark place. Now, it should be noted that while I do visit dark places, I never stay for long, but still… frustration is setting in.

I’ve been quiet this month. We’ve been ridiculously busy. So busy that I had to go “au natural” this cycle. I didn’t put any stock in this cycle because we were stressed, not using meds, and (gasp!) having actual sex instead of IUI.

It was actually quite refreshing. I didn’t obsess over my two week wait at all and that hasn’t happened in over a year. Nonetheless, my body is revolting and playing tricks on me and NOT COOPERATING. I have had brown tinted CM sice my estimated 6dpo. I was 100% certain period was imminent last night at 10dpo. Today is 11dpo and I have been on and off crampy, convinced AF had arrived several times… Only to find more BROWN. I had bright red last night during one bathroom trip and a tiny bit this AM and now it’s gone.

So here’s the deal, I’m SURE AF will be here sometime tomorrow but I called in my new cycle to the doc today and now I have to wait. And it is a holiday weekend so I don’t think they will even be open for my CD2, 3, or 4. I’m just hating my uncooperative reproductive system right now. I know you’ve all been there.

Can someone please enlighten me as to the medical reasons why I might be experiencing what I am experiencing this month? Google is my enemy.

Also, I totally backed my car into a parked car at Starbucks yesterday morning. Just thought I would throw that in for good measure. But Libra horoscope says things will change soon. So I will find some hope in that. :/

I hate to be a downer. But I’m down…

3 thoughts on “When Your Body Doesn’t Cooperate…

  1. I wish I could help. But I’m afraid I’d be as much help as Dr. Google. It could be implantation (the timing seems right) or it could be pre menstrual spotting. That’s the part that sucks about the TWW. It could be everything you hoped for, or everything you didn’t. Try not to think about it over the weekend and just enjoy yourself. Easier said than done I know.

    • Thanks for your feedback; I know there’s now way of knowing – doctors can’t even really explain it! Unfortunately I’m still wonky today, going back and forth between fresh blood and brown spotting. Never enough to use a tampon… I did take an HPT this AM with FMU (12 dpo) and it was BFN as expected. Just needed that confirmation so I could stop my brain getting on the crazy train. At this point I just want full flow already so I can look sea to the next cycle. Mild cramping a this weird bleeding is it for now… :/

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