Mother, May I?

Do you remember this game? You asked to take small, medium, or large steps toward the finish line and “mother” would either grant your wish or give you a new command. Then when you got close enough to touch her, she chased you all the way back to the start.

These are the ways we amused ourselves back in the “olden days” before smartphones…

Well, anyway, yesterday at my consultation, I asked, “Doctor, may I take one giant step forward?” And he said… “Yes, you may!” (Well, actually, to be accurate, it was his idea from the start… but you catch my drift!).

So, if this IUI cycle is not successful (we will know in about 10 days), and insurance cooperates, WE ARE MOVING TO IVF!!!

So, here’s hoping we don’t need it — but if we do, WE HAVE A PLAN. A plan to give us some newfound hope on this journey!

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