Not a Numbers Person

I teach Language Arts, and I direct and perform in musicals. I am not a numbers person.

A new number today: 9.3, and it represents my 5dpo progesterone level (Cd21 bloodwork even though I’m not quite Cd21). Even though I’m not a numbers person, 9.3 is less than 10… and that means progesterone. Insert loud sigh of exasperation here.

So here is what I’m having trouble understanding, and maybe some of you can shed some light. My doctor, who I like very much, sat across from me at his desk two days ago and talked to me about how well I respond to the Clomid and Ovidrel. And how there is high risk of hyperstimulating me if I do injectables because of my high ovarian reserve and high response to meds. Hubby’s SA was totally completely average when we had our baseline testing done in January.

Ok… so then why am I only ovulating one egg a month and reading about women with several gargantuan follicles, and why is my progesterone number in the toilet? And why did R only produce 3.5 million viable sperm last week?

Again… not a numbers person but it just doesn’t add up. Doctor is happy with the numbers. But I’m not! And tonight starts progesterone, which, let’s be honest, just postpones the inevitable AF witch from arriving.

So I’m a little bummed today, but I am excited to start IVF with my next cycle. And I am excited that there are only 12 days left of school. Hopefully I will be nice and rejuvenated and well rested by the time we are harvesting lots of little eggs in July!!!

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