Stims Days 4-5

Day 4 was same protocol as 1-3:
1 injection consisting of
– 100 Follistim
– 75 Menopur

Day 5 we got a bit fancier:
2 injections consisting of
– 100 Follistim
– 150 Menopur
– Cetrotide (*I was glad I had read on some people’s blogs that this would itch at the injection site, because otherwise I probably would have thought I was having an allergic reaction. It itched for about half an hour.)

Who knew I was mentally strong enough to stab myself with needles? This journey is full of surprises.

I go in tomorrow morning for bloodwork and ultrasound, which always makes me excited and nervous. Hoping to have a ballpark retrieval date soon!!!

How I’m Feeling: headache all day (but whether that is hormones or leftover sinus stuff from my cold is anyone’s guess), definitely got some “fullness” and bloating going on – guessing with the increased dose, this will continue, when I bent down to get food for my pup I definitely felt a little sore. Nothing awful, but I am glad I was able to sub out my aerobics class tomorrow (…and for the next 3 weeks).

That’s it, just a little log of what’s going on in IVF Land!

4 thoughts on “Stims Days 4-5

  1. We are almost on the same IVF schedule! I’m on day 7 and haven’t graduated yet to the cetrocide. They said my follicles need to be a little bigger before starting it. Hoping for good news at the next ultrasound!

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