Day 6 Quick Update

Since my other post today was just an injection freak out (I’ve calmed down a bit since…) I wanted to document some other things about the day.

During my ultrasound this AM, I tried to keep track as the doctor measured and announced each follicle but I just couldn’t remember. My estimate (for both sides, total) is: 9 small, 8 ranging from 9 mm – 12mm. Lining was 8 and change.

DEFINITELY feeling it today, especially on the right side. Very tender and getting a lot of “growing pains.” I go back on Saturday morning. My doctor predicts a retrieval between Monday and Wednesday of this coming week.

So excited, anxious, and way-too-optimistic.

Totally off topic: did you know that these two emoji: 📅📆 are only relevant once a year? …and today was the day!

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