Follistim Foil! (And Day 7 Stim Update)

Tonight’s injection saga is brought to you by: FOLLISTIM

I will start by saying that I know there is extra in each vial. However, I didn’t think there would be a WHOLE DOSE?!?

My cartridges are 600 iu. My dose is 100 iu. Tonight I got an entire 7th dose out. Which OF COURSE immediately made me think I didn’t give myself the full 100. (“Did I double check the window? Was I paying attention?”)

My very quick and frantic google search yielded some peace of mind, as at least one or two other people reported getting 700 iu out of a 600 iu vial. Needless to say, I will be switching to a new cartridge tomorrow, as I’m sure switching mid-dose would be riddled with more chaos of some sort. At least the Cetrotide went well tonight.

Only 12 hours until I [hopefully] have medical assurance that I’m doing just fine. Holding my breath until ultrasound and bloodwork tomorrow!!!

How I’m Feeling on Day 7: A little tender when I sit but nothing compared to yesterday. A light twinge here and there. Tired. Anxious (duh!!!).

One thought on “Follistim Foil! (And Day 7 Stim Update)

  1. Yes, my doctor warned me there is always more in those vials. In fact, I think I might have gotten almost three extra doses out of mine. Just keep using it until it’s gone, although then you’ll probably have to do two sticks in one night whenever it finally runs out. Good luck!

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