Day 9… Jumping Uterine Lining!

Day 9 Quick Update:
Uterine Lining: 12 mm (Whoa baby, that’s quite a jump from yesterday’s 8.5). I tried not to google this but I was unsuccessful. Of course I ended up finding all sorts of conflicting information. Some of it made me worry and some of it made me feel better. What do your docs say about endometrium thickness?!?

Follicles: Still 10 of those strong cuties in there! Now we are ranging from 11 – 18! There were a couple of 16s in there which I was happy about, too.
My right ovary is tending to make the plumper follicles, while the left ovary is making more follicles in general. As a team, I feel they are really rallying to go for both quality and quantity. So today, I’d like to take a quick pause to appreciate my ovaries. Honestly, I think they are working their a$$es off!

Day 9 Stims: doc is bumping to

— 225 Follistim!!! (This is up from yesterday’s 150!)
— 150 Menopur
— Cetrotide

I told her I would be out of Menopur and Cetrotide after tonight and she told me NOT to order a refill because she is almost positive that I will trigger tomorrow. Which means I go in to lay my eggs on Wednesday.

I am getting excited and hopeful, which I know is dangerous. But it is so much more fun than anxious and worried… so I’m gonna ride this wave of optimism. πŸŒŠπŸ˜„ (<— me enjoying the ride).

6 thoughts on “Day 9… Jumping Uterine Lining!

  1. Congrats! Lining over 8mm is great! Also, lining can vary depending on whether you were exhaling or inhaling when they measured.

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