T Minus 12 Hours

I just can’t believe my retrieval is tomorrow morning!!! Of course there are the expected feelings: nervous, excited, hopeful.

Tomorrow we will have an answer to the important question: How many eggs? (Then of course there will be some waiting before we know how many of those fertilize). But at least we get some info tomorrow. ER day is a big day in the life of an IVFer and I just can’t believe it’s tomorrow!!!

A little anxious about getting R’s sample to the clinic within the allotted hour; we can’t hit any traffic if we are going to make that happen. He just can’t, well, “produce” as they say at the clinic, unless he’s home, and of course I don’t want him to feel any unnecessary pressure. I do feel bad for the guys when it comes to producing on command!!!

Last but not least, I am a hoarder of comfy socks. My sister knows this and bought me this awesome pair a while back. I’ve been saving them for a special occasion, and tomorrow definitely qualifies.


Oh, and PS as a follow up to yesterday’s vent post about R, we had a little chat. Well, first I was completely passive aggressive but then I explained what I was feeling. He was understanding and I realized that I was fine with him going to work for a few hours once I had that reassurance from him. So, like the socks say… Life is Good.

14 thoughts on “T Minus 12 Hours

  1. just a hint, if hubby puts the little container in a foil wrapper then places it under his arm pit during the car drive to clinic it will last a little longer if your late a few minutes xxx

    goodluck xx

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