Some Retrieval Results

6 eggs retrieved
4 eggs fertilized
We will do a 3 day transfer on Saturday with two of the embryos.

I am ridiculously nervous that we are doing a day 3 transfer. I am hoping it is only because of the low number of fertilized embryos (4) and not because of the quality of the embryos.

I have read the 3 day success stories online but I still feel somewhat defeated at this point. Not even hoping for any frosties, just want two healthy implantable embryos for Saturday.

16 thoughts on “Some Retrieval Results

    • Yes I’ve seen a bit about that online. Does make me feel better. I’ve also read of perfect day 5 embryos not resulting in BFP while day 3 questionables do… So at this point we have the best possible news that we can. The rest is just the awful waiting game.

  1. That is fantastic news! !! Don’t feel disheartened at all. Both my good IVF friends had successful 3 day transfers, one first time with only one transferred!!!! Good luck, stay positive. Xxx

    • I know I am trying to keep everything on perspective! I am lucky to have 4 embryos fighting for life right now and if we can transfer 2 good looking ones that is awesome! Sending you lots of good luck and positivity!!!

  2. hey congrats on results!

    we did a three day transfer! my clinic prefers it ! we had 5 perfect grade AA embies and transferred 1 at day 3, and grew the others on all survived and were frozen as perfects blasts on day 5! day three is awesome! just remember it takes longer to get a positive results! we didn’t get positive bloods until 9 days post transfer so don’t be deflated if the bloods are neg at day 7, its just to damn early to test!

    day three all the way hun! it turned into our little mircle I ma growing now (17 weeks)
    and remember…. embies need to be in their natural environment which is in you!

    drink 500ml WARM POM juice day of transfer and day after! will do wonders I promise! xxxxxx

  3. A lot of clinics do a day 3 transfer if you don’t have at least 5 embryos. I am sure that it about quantity not quality! Fingers crossed for you.

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