Billy Joel & Beta

One of the first things that R and I realized we had in common when we met was our taste in music.  Billy Joel is HANDS DOWN one of our favorite musicians and we have seen him in concert quite a few times.  Last night was one of those times.

So there I am, rockin’ a beta of 38, light bleeding here and there, and trying really hard to let the concert take my mind off of things for a couple of hours.  I had resigned myself to being ok with whatever today’s outcome was.  I started to make a mental list of the things I would do to help myself “move on” (autumn weekend getaway, massage, martinis, maybe really start training to finally run a 5k…), while still hoping for the best and staying positive.  About halfway through the concert, the boy, who is infinitely better at not worrying than I am, leans over and whispers into my ear, “I am so happy that Billy Joel is the jujube’s first concert…”  Well, I just about melted (and also cringed — hello?!?  Jinx it much?!?).

So this morning, I went for my second beta, and then waited an excruciating 8 hours until I saw that I had a new voicemail.

The results…

Beta 2, 16dpo  156

I think I breathed for the first time all day once I hung up the phone.  The number more than tripled in 48 hours.  I am so keenly aware that this does not mean I am out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination, but it is just about the best news I could have dreamed of at this point. They increased my progesterone to 1.5cc and told me to continue on the estrace.  Though this is going to be a long weekend leading up to my next beta on Monday, I am going to really try and let the words, “I’m pregnant,” sink in a bit, because this is the most pregnant I have ever been, and goddammit, I’m going to enjoy it and pray, pray, pray I get to keep saying it for the next 9 months or so!

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