Allow me to translate:

Progesterone in oil is a pain in the ass. (Having said that, I will happily stay on it as long as I need to if it will help me stay pregnant.

Here are the things that have happened so far, thanks to PIO:
1) My sister, RN, did a demo (on my bare ass, of course) for my mom
and the boy so that they would be able to do it.
2) My sister, RN, sent another nurse she works with to the house one night since I was home alone.
3) my husband used a piece of raw spaghetti and a tomato to practice, and then proceeded to tell me that he hoped my butt was the same consistency as the tomato.
4) My poor mother has had to stab with more needles than she’d care to count, but she is so gentle and I am so grateful.
5) R legit almost passed out the first time he did it. He was shaking, pale, and had to excuse himself to the bathroom immediately following.
6) I brought supplies into NYC with us the night of the concert. R and I had to mysteriously disappear into the bathroom at the restaurant (thank god it was unisex). We had a false start (“It bounced off,” he told me… uh huh). Then on the way into Madison Square Garden, I got questioned about my supplies. I told the guard exactly what it was for (I’ve learned that people are frightened to upset a woman who is trying to get pregnant and also afraid to ask questions).
7) Oh, and of course I have a bruised and lumpy ass.

All in all though, I really can’t complain. And like I said before, if it helps me stay pregnant, then, all hail progesterone in oil!

Speaking of staying pregnant, here is tonight’s pee stick. (Thanks, sister, for indulging me and stopping at a CVS when we were out shopping this afternoon)!


Nervous about Monday’s beta. Lots of visualizing, my version of praying, and googling going on…

9 thoughts on “PIO = PIA

  1. I had my husband doing the shots for me in the belly and a couple bounced off! He was like “oh you have some thick skin there.” Nice. :-/ I’m done with shots now, just the progesterone suppositories 3 times a day. Hoping that is all I’ll need. So sick of shots!

      • Mostly! It was still going today but mostly brown. (is anything tmi anymore? lol) Seems to have slowed up this evening. So weird. It was like a really light period right when I should have had one if I wasn’t pregnant. Hoping to be in the clear tomorrow, but I’m sure I have days of toilet paper inspecting ahead of me.

      • Haha no such thing as TMI with this group, no!!! We are all in the same boat. That’s good that it slowed down. I have read that some women get their period the first month. Just more and more to worry about. Praying for both of us!!!

  2. I am with you for Mondays beta although it will be Beta Number 3 for me. I will be praying for good numbers for you.

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