Quick Check In

Beta 3 (19dpo)
(Friday’s number was 156)


Dr. D is happy with the numbers and now I have to wait an entire week until I go back for ultrasound and more bloodwork. Here’s where that “At Home Beta Kit” would really come in handy…

So the new thing I really want to do is download a pregnancy app on my phone, but I’m feeling like that would be such a jinx! I’m going to exercise every ounce of will power I have and wait until next Monday after I see with my own two eyes that there really is something growing in there… in the right place.

Hey, guess what girls…more waiting!!!

Hopeful, nervous, positive, waiting…

7 thoughts on “Quick Check In

  1. congrats! I hear ya about the jinxing. I was nervous about just switching my prenatal vitamins :-/ (I had ones that were for “good egg quality” so it was time to switch to the pregnant ones)

  2. Jinxes aren’t real. Repeat after me: JINXES ARE NOT REAL.

    Although I understand, as someone who’s had 2 mc’s, the fear of doing something “too soon.” And I think waiting until the ultrasound before you jump the gun on anything is smart. As you said, you wanna make sure it’s in the right place, and growing. It’s still early. 🙂 But at some point in this pregnancy, you gotta let it go!

    So while you can wait for now, don’t wait forever. You want to enjoy it while you can, when you can. So, like I said: jinxes aren’t real. 😛 ❤

    • LMAO! Hmmm can you tell I’m just a little too superstitious?!? You’ve for the right idea, though, at some point I have to take a hint from Elsa the Ice Queen and LET IT GO! (Next week…) 🙂

  3. Congrats, your numbers are looking great : ) I will continue to pray for you & I can’t wait to see your ultrasound update. Try to stay sane during your next few waiting days.

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