Hi Ho, Hi Ho…

It’s off to the ER again I go.

I’m ok. I’m sore and bruised, and yes, I was rushed to the ER again today, but today’s story ends like this: I’m home and I’m ok.

I had hoped not to have much to post for awhile, but it looks like the universe had another plan.

So quick rewind: emergency surgery to remove ectopic pregnancy and ruptured tube this past Saturday. Here’s a fun fact I didn’t know until today: I lost half my blood that day. half. Like, of all my blood. The doctor referred to what I went through on Saturday as “life threatening” and “extremely dangerous.” I knew that from reading, but I hadn’t heard those words used in conjunction with me until today. **After reading this, my sister, RN, explained that what the doctor probably meant was that my hemoglobin count was half of what it should be.**

Anyway, day after surgery I woke up and the swelling and bruising on the right hand incision seemed worse so I called Dr. R and she had me send a picture and told me to come in the next morning.

Went in next AM, more bloodwork, saw my other doctor, Dr. D, (both had been present at surgery), he examined the bruising and agreed it was alarming to look at but probably just a nicked blood vessel. Sent me home with orders to come back NEXT Friday.

Got a call later that day that due to my counts, he wanted me in sooner and I scheduled for THIS Friday.

Tuesday, bruises get darker and wider, headache, dizzy, sore as hell on the right side.

This afternoon, Dr. R calls. She wants to see me right away. My numbers from Monday finally went across her desk and she was extremely concerned. She takes one look at me and tells me she is sending me for a CT Scan as a precaution.

Mom and I make the hour plus journey, go through all of the ER stuff again. More IV tries, more attempts at blood draws. Thanks to a family friend, I get bumped up the line for imaging.

6 hours later, I am discharged. I am anemic from Saturday’s surgery, have a raging headache, a small and probably harmless blood clot on the left, and bruises like you wouldn’t believe, but at least I’m home and I’m ok.

HCG went from over 6,000 to 800, which is great. My hemoglobin is back up to 8.8. So all of the numbers are moving in the right direction. Dr. McDreamy from the ER says it will take about 2 weeks until my body has replenished everything it needs, so until then just take it easy and let myself heal.

As I commented on Facebook earlier tonight:
Thanks, everyone! I’m home and looking forward to some sleep. I will be closely monitored for blood loss but numbers are moving in the right direction. My chin is up and I’m looking forward to healing and putting this behind me. Love you all for caring and sending positivity my way. It’s been a scary and emotional week but the winds are changing. xoxo


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