IVF Round 2

Bloodwork and ultrasound today; nothing to note yet, of course.

I am being referred to a hematologist due to the complications I experienced post op. Just ruling out any blood disorders. Hopefully, ruling out.

Hysteroscopy scheduled for Monday, 11/17 (they were booked all of next week!!!). No one seems sure of my exact protocol yet which is a little disconcerting but I’m pretty sure they have me on a down reg long protocol with Lurpon followed by follistim and Menopur. Anyone know why my docs would have change me to this? The nurse today said they rarely use this protocol!

Ooooookay… here we go…!!!


5 thoughts on “IVF Round 2

    • Last time I did 2 weeks BCP and right into Follistim / Menopur cocktail. Cetrotide antagonist. Lupron / Ovidrel triggers. This time I am going to be on BCP longer and overlapping Lupron w BCP and stims. Not too much different except for the Lupron. How long does this protocol take usually?

      • just quickly glanced your posts on last cycle – guessing they really want to make sure you’re down-regulated given the possible egg you’d ovulated on just the BCPs, and hopefully to get an increased response? i took BCPs for 20 days, starting lupron on day 16 of the BCPs, and continued it all the way until day of trigger (day 38 for me). stims started on day 27. in theory i could have triggered a few days earlier, but the RE wanted to allow a few eggs that were lagging behind to catch up. ultimately he collected 23 eggs. hope the protocol works well for you!!

      • That makes total sense; you’re awesome!!! Thank you for taking the time to look back at my posts! My doc is being more aggressive with my doses as well so i guess the down reg is extra important this time.

  1. good luck! mine was called the Antagonist Protocol. BCP, 10 femera all at once (that made me horribly ill) then follistum and micro-HCG for what seemed like forever, then that plus cetrotide for 2 days then an ovidrel trigger.

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