Question for IVF Vets

Does anyone know, medically, why my doctor would have changed my cycle type for round 2?

Last time, I did antagonist, and this time I am doing Lupron down reg.

They also changed my trigger from Ovidrel to Pregnyl, and ordered Endometrin instead of PIO.

Any insights?

5 thoughts on “Question for IVF Vets

  1. I consider it a good a thing when my RE changes the game plan up, although a bit scary at the time; I now take it as he’s thinking and willing to try new things. I’m sorry, I don’t know what you’re first round was like in terms of suppression but is the Lupron ordered for a longer period of time before stimming this round? Did you use Suprefact for your first cycle (nasal or injection)? I know that some RE’s are moving away from using Ovidrel as they aren’t seeing as many results with it as they would like. My RE switched mine just before starting the cycle from Ovidrel to Pregnyl and I ended up only taking a half dose I believe (risk of OHSS). I can’t help you with the Endometrin vs PIO…did you bleed early while still using PIO? PIO seems to be the way RE’s are going now as the success rates with it are quite high. I had to switch off PIO after a few days of being on it as my body reacted poorly (fever, abscess, rashes) and did oral and vaginal Prometrium until 12 weeks. Not sure if this will be of any help at all for you! (I changed clinics and protocols between my first and second cycle and my second cycle went far far better then expected). Hoping the change is the ticket for you 🙂

    • Hey there! Thanks for your response. I agree thay change is good and means my protocol is being tailored to my needs. Cycle 1 I went right from BCP to stims and then started cetrotide as the antagonist a few days later. This time I have been on Luprone for a week (after BCP), and start stimming tomorrow. My doctor also ordered HGH (human growth hormone) to add in on day 4 of stims. I think i will ask about PIO when I am there for monitoring on Monday. They are a pain in the butt (literally), but I know they work!!!

      • What was your response like last time with a shorter protocol the first time? Are you still using BCP and then onto Lupron? If your hormones tend to run a little on the high side, a longer protocol is typically using to manage that. I have endometriosis but my follicle count was good so it was necessary to suppress me and slowly stim me and they did stim me for 14 days and not the typical 10 that you may see.

  2. I don’t know your situation but my doc changed mine from antagonist to short protocol in order to encourage different things in terms of quality and quantity of eggs, and different effects of the estrogen and progesterone in my body prior to retrieval. For the trigger, my nurse said ovidrel is more likely to contribute to OHSS, so if your hormone levels were high lady time, maybe they’re being cautious. At my clinic they only use ovidrel for IUIs, not in combination with a stim cycle. Good luck!

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