Stims Days 4-6 Recap

225 Follistim
75 Menopur
25 Omnitrope (human growth hormone)
5 Lupron
I think I counted 21-ish follicles this morning (day 6) at my ultrasound. Of those, 11 were measurable (ranging from 9-15). Lining 6.5 (which is much less than last cycle at this time, but I know not to compare…) Doc seems happy with this and I go in again on Saturday morning.

Things to note:
— I was NOT shown how to mix the omnitrope, nor was I given any resources to help. This is very atypical of my doctors. Basically, I made it up as I went along and prayed for the best. (You know you’re an IVF veteran when you can just “wing” a new injectable).
— I am loving my acupuncturist. She is half an hour away but it is worth the trip. Hormone headaches are minimal at this point. This was not my experience with my former acupuncturist and I’m so glad my mom passed this name along to me from a friend of hers.
— I am going to see James Taylor at MSG tomorrow night and I have to “schlep” my meds in a lunch bag surrounded by ice packs. I am freaking out about this a little. I think I am going to call the venue tomorrow and make sure they will let me in with my bag of needles. The things we do!

It will all be worth it soon enough. ☺️
(Yes, I’m cringing slightly at my own optimism…)

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