Day 9 Stats

Bit the bullet and asked to take a picture of the paper today… so here are today’s official numbers!!! That one 20 is a little disconcerting; I wish it was more in line with the others. I will put faith in my medical team to trigger me at the right time. Oh, and I will try to stop googling things. 😳

Saw the tech today and not the doctor, since it is Sunday. Doc will call me later with official orders, but tech thinks they will want to stim me one more night. If that’s the case, I will trigger tomorrow and lay my eggs on Wednesday!


5 thoughts on “Day 9 Stats

  1. Since I haven’t been through IVF I’m not entirely sure what “good” numbers are, but I’m guessing this is good! And I love that you said you’ll go lay your eggs! Ha!! Good luck!

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