Day 10: Some Overthinking

This morning I was so tired during my ultrasound that I barely counted or kept track of anything. Uterine lining was 9.6, and my front runner grew to 21mm. Other than that, I remember a couple of 18s, but the others are mostly sitting in the 12-15 range. Doc said I was on the cusp of triggering and he wouldn’t be sure until my bloodwork came back.

I checked my phone, of course, obsessively, all day. Well, my small wish came true and my blood work indicated that I should trigger tonight for a Wednesday retrieval. At first I was happy with this news, but then some overthinking ensued:
– Will my eggs be mature enough by Wednesday?
– Are they rushing it because the lab is closing for the holiday season and I am one of their last retrievals of the year?
– Did I get all of my HGH or were
some of my injections just air, as last night’s almost was? (Don’t ask).
– HGH is way too expensive to have missed any doses.
– Why didn’t I pay more attention to the numbers this morning?
– Why didn’t I check my syringes more closely before injecting. I’m sure I must have messed up something.
– If I had 12 measuring follicles last cycle, and retrieved 6 eggs… can I make a soft prediction that this one will yield 8 or 9?
– etc. etc. etc.

Tonight I do one last push on the follicles with 25 units of HGH between 6-9 pm. Trigger 10,000 Pregnyl at 10 pm. Tomorrow morning monitoring (bloodwork only) and retrieval instructions.

Come on, maybe-eggs! Get nice and strong!

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