Freeze All & An Empty Cup

Day before retrieval: Scenario 1

I am in the nurse’s off and she is reviewing my paperwork for tomorrow’s retrieval.

Nurse Tina: (looking at something on computer screen) You’re doing a freeze all?
Me: Oh… I don’t know. Not that I know of.
Nurse: Oh, ok, they will talk to you about that tomorrow.

So before I left, I asked her if we are doing a freeze and she replied that it is always a possibility depending on how blood work comes back. My doctor had mentioned it when we planned this cycle, but it hasn’t come up since. I have already decided what the biggest pro would be, if in fact we can not transfer this cycle: drinking during the holidays. (But I am still hoping to be “with embryos” next week at this time!)

Scenario 2:

Nurse: Looks like you have a nice number of follicles!
Me: (in my infinite optimism, laughing nervously) Yes, let’s hope they are not psyching us out!

Scenario 3:

I am now in my office at school. I open the specimen collection cup bag to make are the cup is right side up before putting it in the fridge. Lo and behold… There is no pink liquid at the bottom and it does not need to be refrigerated. We’ve been doing IUI and IVF for almost a year now and we’ve never had a cup that didn’t need to be refrigerated. OMG I am such a nervous Nelly! Did she give me the wrong cup? Should I call? AM I FREAKING OUT FOR NOTHING?!?

I looking forward to the retrieval and ensuing fertilization report so I can sort of take a breath…!!! Maybe.

5 thoughts on “Freeze All & An Empty Cup

    • When I asked hubs this morning (after I posted), he said our first IVF cup didn’t need to be refrigerated either. I guess last time I stuck it in the fridge without looking. I guess IUI is different from IVF in that respect.

  1. Huh, I’ve never had a specimen cup that was supposed to be cold. The opposite in fact, we had to keep it warm until drop off. That is if we are talking about the same type of “specimen”. I’m talking sperm.

    • Yes, sperm, haha. In the past, there has been a pink fluid on the cup that needs to stay cold until half hour before collection and then it needs to be kept body temperature thereafter during transport. All these rules! So confusing!

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