My Frozen Timeline

I suppose I was a bit “in the dark” about frozen cycles. As soon as I knew for sure that we were doing a freeze all, I typed “how long does a frozen embryo transfer cycle take?” What I found, not surprisingly, is that it depends. Like everything else in the world of fertility, there is really no exact answer.

The thing that is clear, is that it is longer than I originally thought. I am trying to be patient, but the waiting… the waiting… the waaiiiiting. You all understand the waiting.

Here is a partial timeline of my cycle, which obviously does not yet include a date for transfer. However, one of my nurses told me that it is usually about 2 and a half weeks after starting the Estrace. This puts my transfer somewhere around Feb. 2 or 3.


I am currently directing my school musical, and the last two weeks are always crazy, hectic, stressful, emotional, and wonderful. Guess which “two weeks” end up coinciding. #notsurprised #suchismylife
Of course, this is provided all bloods and ultrasounds cooperate with this timeline.

I’m always afraid to take anything for granted with this process, but I am excited that the new year will provide me with a new chance.

7 thoughts on “My Frozen Timeline

  1. I had a similar long timeline with my fresh cycle. The worst is the month of BCP! But I’ve always hated taking those. But also, they had me start a month before my BCP taking Theralogix OvaVite prenatals to improve egg quality, DHEA, metformin and an aspirin. So it was like a 3 month process. Felt like I was running the IVF marathon.

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