The Evolution of an Injection

When you feel like your frozen cycle is mooooving in slooooow motion…
I can only hope that, in this case, slow and steady will indeed win the race.

Tonight, I FINALLY started Lupron (20 units). Thursday will be my last BCP and then we sit tight for- you guessed it – some more waiting – until I get the green light to start the Estrace.

As I gave myself my injection tonight, it occurred to me how much this process has changed for me over the past year. Without further ado, the evolution of my injections:

* IUI Cycles 1&2: Awesome Sister, RN administers my trigger shot. There’s no way I can do this myself.

*IUI Cycle 3: Grab a friend at rehearsal for moral support and make her watch me panic as I perform my first self administration in the dressing room, feeling like a total rebel

*IVF Cycle 1: read the directions at least 7 times before beginning, follow step by step, triple check each step before continuing, panic that something didn’t go right (even though there is no way I could have possibly messed anything up).

* IVF Cycle 2: skim the directions once before starting, “I got this…,” panic slightly when I may have messed something up, reread directions more carefully and realize all is well, continue on like an arrogant and cocky IVF pro, panic only slightly when something does actually go wrong

* Frozen Cycle: Where did I put those damn directions, anyway?, check email on phone with one hand while drawing up meds with another, eyeball syringe (“close enough”), yell to hubs to please walk the dog as I absentmindedly jab myself and barely notice meds being injected

There you have it. Let’s hope this is the end of this particular timeline, as who knows what could be next? Drinking a martini while injecting? Trying it with my eyes closed? NOT wiping the vial down with an alcohol swab first? (gasp!) Let’s hope we never have to find out!

One thought on “The Evolution of an Injection

  1. I feel you on the slow motion. I’m patiently waiting for Aunt Flo, but it’s a peaceful waiting. No anxiety here. Does that mean we’ve reached expert level? It’s time to graduate to the “other side”.

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