Time to Play…

Lupron, or Bitch!!! Everyone’s favorite hormone inspired game! Today it has been hard to tell when the Lupron is to blame for my moods and actions, and when it is just the not-so-nice side of me coming out to play. Let’s start at the beginning of the day, and plaaay: LUPRON OR BITCH!

Scenario 1:
Hubs didn’t respond to my 6:54 AM photo text of our cute pup doing cute stuff. Then he didn’t respond to my follow up texts. Finally at 8:30, I called him and told him he made me nervous that he was sick or hurt.

** Bitch. I would probably respond this way on any day with or without extra hormones in my veins. I’m not proud of this but it is true.

Scenario 2:
A colleague who is helping with our school play gave me some bad news about our lighting and sound rental. I responded with a steady stream of crazy, basically saying to figure it out and leave me alone.

** Gonna blame the Lupron for this one. I would never typically lash out at anyone I work with. I usually handle these situations with much more tact.

Scenario 3:
3:30 PM. Slumped in my chair, rubbing my temples, feeling like crawling out of my skin as I attempt to get ready for tomorrow’s meeting.

** This is tricky because this is a combo effort. The slumping and headache is the Lupron, but the work frustration and procrastination, well, that is par for the course.

Scenario 4:
6:40 PM. The town rec basketball team invades the rehearsal I am running 20 minutes before they are scheduled to be there. This has been an on going battle. Administration has had to step in. One man comes over to ask me (again) how long we will be. I respond by telling him that I will be sending an email to my principal requesting that rec be thrown out of our school and never allowed back again. I continue that I do not want to see one basketball or one single member of their league until 7:01 pm. I storm away and send the promised email.

** This was the Lupron… but after what we have been through with these people, it was entirely warranted. The Lupron just gave me the extra push to actually confront them and follow through on my threat. (P. S. My principal is on my side!)

Scenario 5:
(Last one)
I arrive home after a 12 hour work day to find hubs – who is usually a work horse- cozily snuggling in his comfy clothes with puppy on the couch. Watching West Wing on Netflix… again. He has been in this position for at least 2 hours while I struggle at rehearsal. I noisily start dinner, making more than the necessary amount of noise and mess. I purposely decide not to smile and make the decision to be unhappy until further notice, even though hubs comes in to help me and cleans everything in the end.

**I think my bitchiness was warranted at first. But the total grudge and unwillingness to change my mood was Lupron induced. I am dramatic and can be moody but I usually rebound in three and a half seconds.

As you can see, 20 units of Lupron is NOTHING to mess with. Hubs is keeping a safe distance tonight. ๐Ÿ˜‰

6 thoughts on “Time to Play…

  1. Oh my! I am starting my next IVF cycle with Lupron within the next week. Thanks for the warning! I was just reading about side effects, but those fancy websites aren’t as entertaining as your description.

    • Didn’ mean to alarm you!!! This is the first time I felt any effects other than a headache and bloating. I am on 20 units. It affects everyone differently and you may feel nithing at all! I think i just happen to have had a crappy day! ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck with your next cycle!!!

  2. Oh no you poor thing! Lupron is the worst of the worst. While on it a few months ago I got so mad with my honey about dinner that I threw out all the food in our house. All of it. At the moment I’m wearing estrogen patches which make me sooooo sleepy. I think I clocked in 11 hours last night. Hang in there!

    • I just laughed out loud, alone in my office. I can totally understand how that could happen. You know your reactions are heightened and perhaps irrational but you just can’t help it. Good luck with those patches! zzzzzz

      • I even had a moment where I asked myself if I was acting crazy and my mind just said “nope! Not crazy at all. He needs a lesson.” Ohhh these poor men. I wish they were getting some of the hormones!

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