The Cervix Whisperer

10 Truths From Today

1. One of the doctors (who I don’t see often) said, “You have a complicated cervix.” (So I’ve been told…) Later on, after she [finally] inserted the Dilapan, the tech referred to her as the “cervix whisperer.”

2. Dilapan #3 sucked to put in…

3. … but it worked! Mock embryo transfer afterwards went perfectly! Now it just needs to go like that for the real thing.

4. Nothing beats my mother for comfort, companionship, and support.

5. Costco actually has some really nice furniture. And I have a new coat rack to prove it.

6. I know my protocol better than my clinic. (I told them I needed an antibiotic and that I had to have blood drawn today). I’m a little annoyed that they missed those details. Be proactive and stay on top of your $hit during your cycles!

7. Everything terrible you have heard about Lupron is basically true.

8. Taking a double dose of antibiotics (prescribed), will upset your stomach. Especially if you are already pumped full of other meds.

9. Sometimes the needle goes right in. And sometimes it doesn’t…

10. Wearing fun perfectly mismatched socks can provide at least a sliver of comfort on a tough day.


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