4dp5dt – Pepper & Pessimism


Yes, that is cayenne pepper on my avocado, and no, I’m not the kind of person who sprinkles pepper and sriracha on everything. Somewhere in my excessive googling, I came across the information that cayenne is great for implantation because it increases blood flow immediately upon ingestion. So that’s what the pepper is all about. What about the pessimism?

Yesterday was a bad day. I’m on 1.5 cc of progesterone and it is rendering me balls-to-the-wall tired. The shots are leaving me much more sore than last cycle, though of course this is a minor discomfort that I am totally willing to live with if it helps us grow healthy babies. To top it off, it’s school musical week and yesterday was the worst rehearsal I can remember in about a decade of directing children’s theater. I tried to stay calm and think of the little embabies, but I was unsuccessful. The truth is, my two week wait has been / will be the opposite of restful and calm, but there isn’t much I can do about it. Oh, did I mention I am being observed at work on Monday by a principal who has never seen me teach before? Some of you may remember that my tube began to rupture on the day I was directing my summer show in the AM and had an interview in the PM. I always have impeccable timing!

4dp5dt is a very boring place. You know it’s too early to think about testing (though there ARE those who get BFP this early, which makes it even harder to resist), and my body is doing absolutely nothing. Except being tired at night after a long day’s work. Nothing too remarkable about that.

Well, as my doctor put it yesterday when she called with my doses, “You’re getting close! Only a few days from being a few days away…”

6 thoughts on “4dp5dt – Pepper & Pessimism

  1. I hope the rest of your TWW gets better lovely! I got a negative at 4dp5dt and a positive 5dp5dt, so I wouldn’t suggest testing until at least tomorrow 🙂 even then, it might even be too early, some people don’t get positive tests until 14dpo. Good luck! Xx

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