Quick 5dp5dt Update

All I have to say is that weekends are the worst when you are trying not to obsess over whether or not you’re pregnant!!! Even though this week is going to be NUTS at work, I’m still looking forward to it. I need to be busy!!!

All day I thought surely I must have miscounted and be at least 6 or 7 days past transfer, but even this non math girl can count to 5. My sister is being a great support, encouraging me not to test and letting me vent to her about this no matter how annoying I get.

So here’s what’s going on (it’s not much):

– progesterone injection sites are extremely sore and “hardened”, especially on the right side. No bueno. (.)Y(.)

– last night I was super thirsty; it should be noted that I didn’t drink all day and this definitely explains extreme PM thirst 😳

– noticeable soreness increase in the boobs today, like right before my period 😣

– noticeable irritability, like right before my period 😬

That’s all, folks. No phantom tugging behind my uterus or extra pee breaks or early increased sense of smell. Nothing that I have read far too many old forum posts about today while procrastinating doing my work. (Seriously, pinching and tugging? I think these girls must be imagining these feelings!!!) Now I’m off to plan my observation lesson for tomorrow AM, when all I want to do is a post-progesterone crawl into bed!

6 thoughts on “Quick 5dp5dt Update

  1. I’m so hoping for a good result for you when you do eventually test :D!
    Also, in regards to the pinching sensation. The two times I got a BFP, I felt a small pinching/ very quick stabbing sensation in my lower pelvic region. Every other cycle I never felt anything. Of course, the first time I felt the pinching it ended in a miscarriage. This time is looking safe so far! And hey, it may have been a coincidence, but I know both times I got a BFP, I definitely had pinching 🙂

  2. I am praying for stabbing and pinching! 4dp5dt and absolutely nothing here. Both times i had a BFP i had sharp stabbing pain that lasted a second and a pulling sensation so im hoping that happens in thr next 2 days! Good luck, i really hope you get a BFP soon! X

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