Pee Stick Problems

I wouldn’t exactly call what I’m in “Beta Limbo.” Beta #1 at 10dp5dt was 311, and Beta #2 at 12dp5dt was 634. So the numbers did what they needed to. Nevertheless, I am still on pins and needles.

Today is 14dp5dt and I am out of town so I couldn’t go in for Beta #3. I have to wait ALL the way until FRIDAY (17dp5dt) for my third beta and it is making me insane. Especially since I feel absolutely nothing (which, yes, I know is totally normal for week 4)!

Cue pee sticks. I bought two packs while waiting for my train today: a pack of FRER and a pack of Clearblue with the week estimator. The logical part of my brain knows that neither of these tests can give me the information or peace of mind that I am looking for, but the infertile finally pregnant crazy part of my brain took over.

So I hold my pee all afternoon and finally get to my uncle’s house, where I am crashing for the week. Of course my handy pee cup is at home, so I have to improvise. Imagine (or actually don’t!) that I am juggling the top of a container with no flat surface to put down on the counter, two different pee sticks, and trying to dip and recap both of them.

I was not successful. The digital came up with an error message and the FRER was not saturated enough to show any lines at all. Blank white screen.

Guess I will try again in the morning, for whatever little peace of mind these tests can bring me while I wait for my third beta!!!

8 thoughts on “Pee Stick Problems

  1. This made me chuckle, just trying to picture all that happening! I can’t tell you not to freak out about things, because let’s be honest, telling each other doesn’t mean we won’t! Hoping you find some peace until you get through until Friday!! 3 days to go!

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