Fertility MacGyver

Remember how I am patiently waiting for Friday for my third beta because I am out of town?

Yeah, well I peed on a Clearblue estimator stick and it came up 2-3 weeks. I then proceeded to pull the test apart with my bare hands and a paper clip, like friggen Fertility MacGyver. Of course all I found was the two test strips: one with two lines and the other with one line (which is basically the result no matter what, from what I’ve read).

I know not to put any stake in these tests as a measure of HCG (I should be above 2,000 today), but I did it anyway.

And it was completely unfulfilling. And expensive.

Is it Friday yet?

21 thoughts on “Fertility MacGyver

    • So I’m trying to figure this out…you’re 15dp5dt, which is basically what like 20dpo? That means it’s been just a day less than 3 weeks since “ovulation.” So you won’t get a 3+ until later this week, maybe even next week. πŸ™‚ Don’t forget concentration of urine can make the results wonky. With those tests, instead of a lighter line, you get a different estimation of weeks. I say step away from the pee sticks until Friday! Your first 2 were good! Stay calm. πŸ˜‰ Thinking sticky thoughts for you, hun. ❀

  1. Friday is soooo close. Pick up a hobby to distract yourself. May I suggest fashioning life-saving contraptions out of a paper clip, a ball point pen, and a turkey baster? You’ve clearly got the skills!

  2. Those tests are awful! I used one the night before my 5th beta, and it came back “2-3”. My beta was over 5000 the next day. So don’t worry too much about that result, though I know nothing will reassure until betas! Good luck!

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