Thank God It’s Beta Day!!!

Left my phone for 10 minutes and inevitably that is when the doctor’s office called. I sort of like messages though, anyway, because you can listen over and over and analyze (and drive yourself more nuts!).

My beta today, at 22dpo, 17dp5dt, 5w1d is 3,713.
(doubling time = 47.06)

This rise is “appropriate,” though certainly doesn’t put us in any sort of overachiever category. I, myself, am a perfectionist overachiever type, but I will try not to project this on to my little embryo who is working its tiny sesame seed sized bum off to grow healthy and strong. Based on my own calculations, I should have been somewhere around 3,800 today, so actually, this number is exactly perfect. Slow and steady wins the race. If my embryo wants to be exactly average right now, that is perfectly fine with me.

Ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday morning, which will be 5w5d. I am SO excited and also SO nervous because I know there is such a range of things you may or may not see this early. I really am going to try to take this one day at a time and enjoy the mere fact that, HELLO, I am actually pregnant. 😊

16 thoughts on “T.G.I.B.

    • I’ve definitely got to stay positive. This cycle has given me no reason to be anything other than optimistic… just force of habit to expect a problem, but I’m working on changing that!!! ❤️💜

  1. DUDE! Give your little embryo some credit! 🙂 Your doubling time is something like 47 hours…which, if you consider the fact that after 1200 doubling times usually rise to about 72-96 hours, a number of 3713 is astounding!

    My beta at roughly 20dpo-ish (I did hCG trigger and TI, so it’s tough to know exactly when I ovulated) was 2717. So I think you’re right in line, missy. 🙂 Excited for your ultrasound. SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! 😀 ❤

    • Thank you so much! When I really examined the numbers I realized I was being extra silly and all of the encouraging posts from everyone also helped me ease up a bit! I think after all this time I just expect something to go wrong but I’ve got to change that tune!!! I will definitely post after Tuesday’s ultrasound! xo 💞

  2. Love your numbers! Your little is perfect, and actually 0.94 hours an overachiever! 😛 Give yourself (and your baby) a break and just be thrilled!! Yay!!!

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