Pregnancy, or Otherwise? -UPDATE

Update: When I took my temp it was 102. So my body is fighting something. I called my doctor and she just said Tylenol and fluids. 😔
5w2d today. I had a little bit of a rough sleep last night, having little waves of not feeling well. Then when I woke up (and for the next few hours), I will spare you the details but let’s just say my stomach was angry about something.

I would like to think that this is a symptom, but my research yielded that this is actually not a common first trimester symptom, plus my head and body started to ache when I was trying to clean for the company we are having today (25 people for R’s cousin’s surprise party).

We also went out to eat last night and there is always the possibility that I really need to cut back on rich foods while my body is working overtime to grow a human.

Of course R told me to take it easy this morning, which I did, but now I can tell he is getting antsy for me to “just feel better and get up.” I will try to pull my rag doll body out of bed and into the shower…!!!

7 thoughts on “Pregnancy, or Otherwise? -UPDATE

  1. If the symptom you’re referring to regards the “other end” of things, I wouldn’t be too concerned. I never actually threw up during my 1st trimester (I have a severe phobia about it aaaaand well let’s just say I was blessed not to be struck by such nausea that I had no other choice but to projectile-vomit everywhere), so my stomach found other ways to, erm, “expel” the not-quite-rightly-digested food. Yuck!

    I want to say I hope you feel better, but seeing as how feeling miserable is a tell-tale sign of your little embie making progress, I feel the need to refrain! 🙂 I will however hope that you feel well enough to enjoy the day. And…prepare yourself. Once you hit 6 weeks, it could possibly get a lot worse! But you can do it! 🙂 ❤

    • OMG!!! I have a severe phobia of THAT as well! Did you know it is called emetephobia? I have been in several types of therapy throughout my life but none of it has worked. If you never threw up then you are my pregnancy hero and hopefully I can model right after you. I have severe panic attacks when people get sick and actually I don’t know how I’m going to deal when it is my own children, but I figure you just ray because you have to. I’m so excited to “meet” someone else like me!!! Lol!

      • Oh believe me, I get it!! It was actually one of my biggest fears going into labor but since I’m now 95% gonna have a c-section I am more and less terrified at the same time. I know the spinal can make you nauseous but I hope they give me meds for it. Ahhh!!!

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