Not complaining. Just recording. šŸ˜œ

About 17 years ago (wtf?!?) I was diagnosed with esophageal ulcer and hiatal hernia. Every now and then one or the other flares up (mostly when I eat popcorn).

This feels like that. Not sure if that’s even what heartburn is, to be completely honest. Also not entirely sure if it’s a pregnancy symptom or somehow part of me getting over whatever illness I had over the weekend.

Nevertheless, documenting.

One thought on “5w6d

  1. The first time I got pregnancy heartburn I had eaten popcorn after dinner. It was one of the most terrible things to throw up! Makes you want to remind yourself to chew more thoroughly. (I know, gross) I have not gotten to enjoy popcorn since :-/ I am a little afraid of it!

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