6w5d Update & Exercise ?

We got to see the tiniest little flicker of a heartbeat this morning! My gosh that thing was cute! Too early to measure or hear but it’s definitely beating and I’m so relieved about that. Not that I ever feel truly “relieved.”

I am measuring a few days behind, at 6w 2 or 3 days. The doctor said not to worry. I will do my best to take this advice but google is at my fingertips. :/

What I am so hoping for is to be told later that based on my blood work, we can reduce my progesterone from 1.5cc down to 1cc. My hips are literally burning and there’s nowhere new left to stick me. 

The next decision I have to make is if/when to resume teaching aerobics. The doctor cleared me for low impact and cautioned that I must keep my heart rate below 120. My husband does not want me to chance it. He doesn’t want me to teach at all. We have been through so much to get to this point and it seems ridiculous to do anything risky. On the other hand, exercise is good for mom and baby, and can make pregnancy and labor “smoother.” I really am not sure what to do. Weigh in if you have any insight. Thanks! πŸ’ͺ

21 thoughts on “6w5d Update & Exercise ?

  1. Don’t worry about being behind a few days. That’s pretty normal. I’d be more concerned if you were 5-7 days behind, to be honest! Try not to Google!! πŸ™‚ When is your next appt?

    As for exercise…well I was on crutches with a broken leg bone so it was out of the question for me. It sucks because I think I would’ve gained a lot less weight if I’d been allowed to at least walk around during my 1st tri! (They don’t encourage you to start exercising after the 2nd tri, I think.)

    Happy for a heartbeat, and crossing my fingers for continued progress with your little one! πŸ˜€ ❀

    • I go back next Tuesday (a week from today). Everything I’ve read indicates that scans this early are likely to be off by a few days. That is one reason many doctors don’t like to do early scans. Doc says nothing to worry about this week, so I will just try to enjoy every day of being pregnant. Especially since I am virtually symptom free, other than the boobs, which is prob from progesterone! 😜

      • Yippee! And yes, you are right. This early it is totally likely. πŸ™‚ You should enjoy it! And uhhh yeah hate to burst your bubble but good chances are once you hit your 7th-8th week that whole “feeling good” thing will change. In a good but miserable way. πŸ˜‰

  2. Studies are showing that regular exercise is not harmful in a normal pregnancy, and the old rules about heart rate are unfounded. However, the first trimester for us infertiles is a tricky time, so I’d ask your doctor exactly when would he feel it’s safe to do more vigorous exercise. I took it easy first trimester mainly because I was too exhausted to do much, but I’ve been weightlifting, climbing and inverting since 14 weeks. vitals.lifehacker.com/the-truth-about-exercising-while-pregnant-its-ok-to-1682602976

    • I asked the doctor when the restrictions would lift and she said they wouldn’t for the duration of the pregnancy! Oddly enough, my other doctor from the same office told me that I could ease back in after seeing the heartbeat. So conflicting!!! Thanks for the link!!!

  3. I am also being overly cautious and have yet to get back to my yoga routine. My body feels tight, but I’m waiting til after our scan tomorrow to see if my clinic will clear me. If you doctor has, you should be fine. But I’d only move forward with it if YOU feel fine. You want to have no regrets in case things do go downhill. I have faith that your little bean is strong though. πŸ™‚

    • You are exactly right: I do not want regrets. My guilt inducing Jewish mother (who I love very much) reminded me that I would never forgive myself if something happened. Can’t wait to hear how things go for you tomorrow!

  4. I was told to stick to low impact, slow burn type stuff and yoga- absolutely nothing aerobic short of a walk or light swim. The doc didn’t even want me doing my usual jog with the dogs. Everybody is different though! I have a friend who taught step class until her 7th month and did a half marathon at 6 months.

    • I guess that is what is so hard; some people keep up their regular routine. Others have way more restrictions. Lots of instructors in my program (Jazzercise) teach to their due date. But everyone is different and NOT everyone is high risk… decisions, decisions…

      • Very true- my friend I mentioned was younger, on her 3rd kid and never had any issues. I’m nearly 40 and finally got pregnant after trying to 7 years. I probably should have been wrapped in bubble wrap for the first few months… lol

  5. Oops. Hit send too soon. I’m barely letting myself walk 7500 steps a day so aerobics would be too scary for me. I think you have to go with your gut and just monitor how you’re feeling.

  6. Glad you saw a flicker today! So exciting! I agree with the others: if you feel up to it, low impact workout is probably best. Already eager to hear about your next scan!

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