I think I’m ready… what are your favorite pregnancy books and journals?

Seeing the heartbeat is the milestone I was waiting for, but it still feels like it’s all going to get pulled out from under me at any monent. And if I order a book, I’m sure to jinx it.

Yes, I know that’s irrational. Send me your recommendations and by the time I research them all and choose, maybe I will have one more ultrasound under my belt. 😬

10 thoughts on “Books

  1. I have a couple of pregnancy books, if your want them they are yours. (I haven’t been ale to throw them out because no book should ever be thrown out in my opinion, but I simply don’t need them). I’ll pop them in the mail tomorrow.

  2. I stuck with good old What to Expect, but some friends gave my husband “Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook for New Dads,” which was hilarious AND informative. I used it just as much as he did.

  3. I received a copy of the Mayo pregnant women’s guide from my insurance company (arrives days after miscarriage!) It’s pretty informative if you like those kind of books.

  4. I have, “the shit no one tells you” – hilarious! “Belly laughs” by Jenny McCarthy, also funny and a quick read. Are you in the states- closeish to the north? I don’t mind mailing them to a good home 🙂
    I’m also working through “what to expect”, it’s dry if you try to read it for long periods but very informative.

    • Thank you so much for the offer; so sweet! I’m in NEw Jersey, actually. But as I’ve just started spotting, I’m going to hold off for the time being and go back to being more “guarded.” Never a dull moment…

      • Oh no… I kid you not I’m spotting too. Scary stuff. Started, of course, right after seeing the little heart beat. I read sometimes internal ultrasounds can cause that, but I’ll be seeing my Dr next week and taking it easy. I hope you (and I) are just the 30% who spot through their healthy pregnancy.

  5. That’s EXACTLY how I feel so instead of buying, I out the 3 books I want in my amazon wishlist lol. I’m planning on buying them after my next US on Monday. What to Expect, The Expectant Father and the Pregnant Body Book. I already have the Mayo Clinic’s book because I got it as a gift awhile so.

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