Out damn spot.

The day of my blood BFP (and day after), I had some mild cramps and brown spotting. I only needed one panty liner and it was enough to worry me but then it went away.

I haven’t had any more cramping or bleeding until two nights ago at 6w6d. I actually said to my husband, “something is wrong.” We ended up doing my PIO shot and then I got right into bed and crashed (which seems to be the routine). Last night I had more spotting and this morning more still (all brown), with definite mild AF cramps in the background. Which are getting stronger as I write this.

I’m talking myself into believing that my uterus is growing and my cervix is a little angry for this, that, or the other reason… but I CAN’T SHAKE THE NEGATIVITY.

I virtually have no symptoms other than boob stuff and being tired, which can both be attributed to the progesterone. My skin looks better than usual, my pee schedule is normal, no cravings or aversions or sensitivities. I know this can be normal, and trust me, I do NOT want to puke, but at the risk of sounding like so many other women, it would be reassuring to feel pregnant. 

Last night my PIO shot ended with spurting blood. The kind that soaked the top of my pants in the back. I’m guessing it is because the area is so bruised, but it was not pleasant. Not for me, or for Rob, who is queasy and squirmish about giving me my shots on a good night…

I guess I am just in a low and anxious place right now. I don’t want to be. I want to feel grateful. I want to be ecstatic and glowing and pregnant.

14 thoughts on “Out damn spot.

  1. I would say call your Dr if you’re concerned. Maybe they can get you in today for an exam before the weekend sets in. It’s better to be safe than sorry! Hang in there.

    • I thought about it; I just hate being that paranoid person. I’m going to give it another hour or so. I have an ultrasound this Tuesday so at least I know the wait isn’t too long.

  2. Do not feel bad about being that paranoid person… When a pregnancy is so hard fought for and so longed for you are allowed to be. Spotting in early pregnancy is normal though, so I hope it is all fine. I was on a progesterone pessary which was unpleasant for different reasons (messy and leaky), but not painful… Maybe you could ask to switch? I have heard, though could be wrong, that the absorption rates are the same.

  3. Anyone who has experienced a loss is going to be that paranoid person and with good reason! I bleed three times, some of it bright right and enough to scare the crap out of me. Every time the doc would just tell me drink water and lie down. I’m sure you are counting the seconds until that next ultrasound! Hoping for the best 🙂

    • I haven’t had anything bright red this time; that would send me into a new dimension of paranoid. (TMI) I did a little finger searching around up there to see if there was fresh blood and I found a string. It took me a minute but then I remember that about a month before my transfer, they put a stitch in my cervix. I figured it was dissolved by now but I guess not. I’m hope beyond all hope that the stitch is the culprit of my spotting!!!

  4. Paranoia is part of parenting, so why not start now? Kidding aside, there is nothing wrong with calling your doctor and letting them know you’re concerned. That is what they are there for, and it’s what they are paid to do.

    I had some worrisome cramping early on, and I was “that person” who called their doctors office. On a weekend. In a blind panic. It turns out that I had little to worry about, but it was nice to hear that from an actual medical professional.

    If it makes you feel at ease, do it. DO IT.

  5. Hey – I was that paranoid person last week and it saved me a weekend of anxiety. Less stress is better for you and baby. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help, clarification or confirmation. You will feel much better afterwards. I hope the stitch is the root cause and baby is snug. How far along are you exactly? My nausea didn’t really set it until 7 weeks and it’s been fairly easy to manage. Some days worse than others.

  6. The same thing happened to me at about the same time. I went in for an ultrasound even though I had another scheduled in less than a week. It really helped to put my mind at ease. You are NOT being an overly paranoid person — you are already being a good mom! I hope all is well and everything turns out fine, which I’m sure it will. Good luck!

  7. I’m sorry your body is misbehaving. It is most like nothing at all but I would go to the doctor – you have earned the right to be as paranoid as you want and I don’t think the doctors mind at all. I’ve been the paranoid woman countless times – I’ve embraced it 🙂

  8. Sorry you’re going through this. I hope you called the doc to ease your fears. If not, I think brown is good! Plus I was just reading spotting occurs is common-which makes sense bc several people I know spotted and had successful pregnancies. I hope nausea hits you at 7 weeks like it did me! I finally had to even leave work at 10 a.m. today because of it. 😉 Big hugs to you and BREATHE.

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