Today ranks way up there. I think I accidentally let myself believe that I am actually pregnant!

We got to see Doodlebug (and heartbeat) again:

And we saw about a week of growth, give or take a day in either direction depending on which measurements we go by.

Also, the weaning off of Estrace and progesterone has begun!!! Down to 2x Estrace and 1cc of progesterone. This is GREAT news; I think I squealed with excitement when I heard the voicemail.

There was and awkward moment when I told my doc that I needed two seemingly contradictory notes: one that says I need to take a medical leave from teaching aerobics, and another that cleared me to exercise in case my new fitness center asks for one. (I decided this was the best decision for me and baby, ultimately. I want to exercise, but high impact aerobics is not my best option right now). However, I was stumbling over my words and didn’t explain myself well and he made a strange face but had the nurse write the notes anyway. 😜

Looks like my IVF clinic will be breaking up with me in a couple more weeks (though they call it “graduating”). I chose the hospital I want to deliver at, and by the end of the week, I need to choose an OBGYN group and make an appointment! 

Here’s to cautious optimism…

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