8 Week Lack-of-Bumpdate

Obviously no bump yet, but I still had fun making this little collage.

I have been very Libra – indecisive – about how  I want to do my weekly bump photos. First of all, this outfit is so blah… but it is clingy and stretchy and I know it will work throughout the pregnancy. 

The chalkboard updates that people do are so adorable but I am not artistic. No, not even with assorted fruits and vegetables. I think I will stick to using an app on my phone. And maybe one day I will look presentable enough to keep my face in the picture. (Maybe I need to move picture day from Thursday night to Saturday afternoon. 😎)

Other updates:

  • omg the boobs – I can confidently state that the best part of my day is taking off my bra 
  • a little nausea, but eating and/or resting usually helps
  • fatigue continues
  • crazy vivid dreams continue
  • I have an appointment scheduled with the big girl OBGYN at the end of the month 
  • I bought the pregnancy journal “The Belly Book,” but haven’t started to fill it out yet
  • I am touring a new gym facility on Tuesday and can’t wait to get active again
  • I still get a pang of envy/jealousy when people announce their pregnancies on Facebook. I don’t really understand this, but I guess the scars of an infertile are forever. 


2 thoughts on “8 Week Lack-of-Bumpdate

  1. I think the pictures are cute with the funny faces, although I’m sure your face would be better to look at lol. I can see a small pooch starting down low in your last photo. My biggest thing is sticking to the same time each photo since your tummy changes a lot throughout the day. I’ve gotten tired of my photo dress and decided to start changing up my outfit cause I can still see a difference each week, don’t let that hinder you. There is an app called Piclab that has the cutest baby bump photo editor and “stickers”, you do have to pay for the baby bump part but it’s only $1.50 I think. If I would have found it sooner I wouldn’t have done the chalkboard honestly. As much as I like the chalkboard it’s annoying to do each week and I’m not making my wife do it lol.

  2. I’m on week 9 and I still don’t really have a bump. I’m a bigger girl though so I don’t know, and that’s why I haven’t really tried bump pics yet. My pants are starting to getting a little more snug though but I blame bloating for that. And omg I’m glad I’m not the only one with crazy vivid dreams! My dreams have always been more clear than others (going by what people tell me of course) but these dreams are flat out lifelike. I agree with the previous comment though, I see a slight bump down very low on the last pic. Congrats and I hope you continue to grow happy and healthy! (Oh and I still can’t bring myself to announce mine on Facebook yet)

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