A New Acronym

I thought I was well versed in TTC and pregnancy lingo, but last night I added a new acronym: SCH

Subchorionic Hematoma. (Also known as: Scared the Crap out of Holli).

Also known as blood clot that hemmorhages and makes you think the worst.

Around 9 last night when I had finally sat down on the couch to relax a little, I started getting period type cramps. They were on the mild side but noticeable enough that I went to the bathroom. And what happened was the “wipe” we all dread. Fresh, red, and flowing freely. I yelled down for Rob to come up. He must have heard something in my voice became he came charging up the stairs. I barely choked out that I was bleeding and I melted, a sobbing mess, into his arms.

After a few minutes of him holding me, we decided it was best to go to the ER. It was a full house in that waiting room and I won’t even get into the nuances of my inner monologue as we sat there and waited. 

In triage I had the awful question of “Is this your first pregnancy?” (“First uterine pregnancy. I sat in this very room the day my tube ruptured last August.”). Then more waiting.

ER doc was no George Clooney or McDreamy. He inverted a bedpan under my hips to lift my pelvis and let’s just say he wasn’t very gentle on the internal. It was the first time I’ve ever had a vaginal exam while lying in Rob’s lap. The speculum looked like a light up glow in the dark noise maker. (And later at a more appropriate time, Rob commented how “cool” it looked, confirming that, yes, he is indeed male). 

After what seemed forever, I was finally being wheeled to ultrasound. The bleeding was slower but still present. The tech so so gentle and sweet. She inserted the wand and immediately asked if I had a c-section. I explained about the tube removal and she turned the monitor toward her and continued to click and click and type and click in deafening silence. Rob held my hand and once we met eyes and I could tell we were both thinking the same bad news. And finally after the longest two minutes of my life, she turned the screen toward us. She turned the screen toward us. And even on my exhausted and emotional state I knew they don’t turn the screen toward you for bad news. 

“There’s baby,” she pointed. Clear as day on the high tech machine, unlike I’ve seen in my doctor’s office. Measuring in at exactly 8 weeks (perfect), with a heart rate of 157 (perfect). I cried tears of joy and breathed for the first time in three hours. 

At the end of the night, my awesome nurse (who started my IV line on the first try!), whispered to me, “I am so so happy for you. I’m 13 weeks pregnant and the same thing happened to me when I was 6 or 7 weeks.” I wasn’t discharged until almost 3am, but I didn’t mind. This awful night ended with the best news it could have. The radiology report showed a clot about 1cm (which is small as far as clots go), and I do believe I passed it this morning. All of my bloodwork came back normal, and I have a follow up appointment at my clinic this afternoon. 

I’m exhausted and poor Rob had to go in to work today (I took a sick day), but I am happy. I have a million more things to worry about now and I’m not out of the woods (are we ever?)… but last night had a happy ending and that’s all that matters for now.

24 thoughts on “A New Acronym

  1. I had a very similar experience with my second pregnancy, ER visit and all. While that pregnancy didn’t make it (although assured not because of the SCH) it was terrifying. The worst part is once I thought it had passed and the worst was over, it started up again. I never knew when to expect it, which creates quite the paranoid fear. Best wishes to you as I hope your SCH has resolved.

    • When I followed up with my doctor yesterday he did explain that these things tend to start and stop and start again. Wonderful. He thankfully also told me there is no strong correlation between SCH and miscarriage. Nevertheless, once I felt the relief of seeing the baby it didn’t take long to return to a state of paranoid fear. Thanks for your kind wishes. šŸ’–

  2. I hate the “what pregnancy is this?” question as I always have to answer similarly to you. šŸ˜¦ I have another friend who had a SCH and is now 15 weeks with no other issues. Hang in there. So glad you go to see baby and feel reassured.

    • I heard all of your voices echoing in my ear to take control and have it checked out! The ultrasound tech also said (even after we saw baby) that we did the right thing by going in, which made me feel better. I never want to be an alarmist. But blood is blood. I don’t think I could have ignored it. Thanks for your well wishes!

  3. OMG I didn’t know about this issue that could crop up! I’m so so soooo happy that things are looking good though! Hopefully you don’t get any more scares out of this little one!

    • Thankfully I had read about SCH on a couple of other blogs recently so even at the height of my fear, I was praying that this would be the outcome and thank god it was. Never s dull moment, huh? I told me mom it must be a girl because she is already giving me a run for my money. šŸ’œ

  4. So glad it turned out ok!!! I also have a SCH. Definitely nerve wracking but I’ve read lots of great success stories esp once baby has a hb. Good luck!!!

  5. I teared up reading this – it’s also what I most dread, and with the amount of (ahem) discharge in a normal pregnancy, I’m always fearing the worst when I feel something coming through. Such great news for you, and what a lovely tech to have after a not so lovely doctor. All the very best for a healthy pregnancy šŸ™‚

  6. I too, had this happen to me! At 7 weeks. Felt a large gush, soaked right through my undies and pants and when I got to the toilet blood just pooled in!!! Thankful everything is still going well with you as well!!!! I was so nervous to write a post about it, but you have made me see that it’s nothing to be ashamed of!!! Thank you for sharing this!!!!

    • So, so scary, right?!? Definitely nothing to be ashamed of and I have found that it is more common than I ever would have thought. Once I started talking about it, a couple of my friends told me that it happened to them too! Glad all is well with you!

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