Why You Shouldn’t Bother to Go to the Grocery Store During Your 1st Trimester

Walking up and down the aisles at the grocery store during your first trimester is about as futile as dusting a mirror. 

I sat in the parking lot for half an hour before going in, trying to decide what to make for dinner this week since nothing that resembles real nutritious food sounds good to me right now. I called Rob, frustrated, and he said just focus on tonight and tomorrow and we can shop during the week based on my taste (or lack thereof). He also offered to make risotto tonight. I settled on this recipe for tomorrow. That took the stress off and I finally went in. 

Actually going inside did not make it any easier. The strangest things seemed to keep making their way into my cart, but an aisle or two later, I would remove them and quickly stash them on the wrong shelf, thinking, “ugh, I don’t want these anymore…” 

Somehow I did manage to buy fruit, vegetables, and chicken… but I also managed to buy the following items:


Wtf with the hot cross buns, right? But I love them and I never buy them. Almost Easter + pregnant = hot cross buns in the shopping cart. No regrets about the Hawaiian Punch – I haven’t had this stuff since like 1987 but it hit. the. spot. All I can say about the soda pop gummi candies is that I could smell them as I walked down the candy aisle and I think I was so thirsty that I caved. They were, predictably disgusting. 

Here’s the thing; I haven’t eaten red meat in almost 20 years and I have kind of been craving London broil and fast food roast beef sandwiches. 

Sigh. It may be cliche but the pregnancy taste buds are in full swing. Or maybe it’s just my normal taste buds but now I have an excuse to give in.

15 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Bother to Go to the Grocery Store During Your 1st Trimester

  1. I haven’t eaten strawberry waffles since high school, but in first trimester it was one of the few things that didn’t make me sick. Been eating them once or twice a day for the last nine months! I’m wondering if these weird food choices stuck around after ? I’ve got a lot of waffles stocked up, lol

    • I was wondering the same thing! Am I destined to be obsessed with sugary drinks now for the rest of my life or will my taste buds return to somewhat normal?!? So funny about the waffles!

      • I am also obsessed with desserts, mostly cakes. But I think that will subside once I get to drink my wine again! I will usually choose a glass of wine over cake but my sweet tooth has returned with a vengeance in the middle of this mostly dry time. I still have a little half glass here and there but even wine isn’t the same right now. I think I just have it so I can feel like I’m not missing anything.

  2. Completely agree – I’m 11 weeks tomorrow and going to the grocery store is almost a moot point, because anything I buy never sounds good by the time I get it home to eat! I’ve been having a lot of cereal and chips lately πŸ™‚ Hoping my appetite returns and things taste better in the second trimester!

    • Oooh I have been on the cereal bandwagon myself…sugary cereals from my childhood, like Apple Jacks! I’d much rather have a bowl of cereal for dinner (and a brownie for dessert) than any sort of food with nutritional value! I’m with you; hope it’s temporary!!! My husband is a foodie and going out to dinner has been tough, though I still seem to enjoy Italian. πŸ™‚

  3. I’ve also developed a crazy sweet tooth in pregnancy. I’ve tried to channel that in health-ier ways, like having hot cocoa (chocolate with a whole lotta calcium!) I also made zucchini and pineapple bread last night, substituting white flour for wheat. But damn it- what I really want is an ENTIRE SHEET CAKE.

    • BAHAHA! This made me LOL! As long as it’s butter cream frosting, I’m with you! I have found it easier to be somewhat healthy with breakfast and lunch choices but dinner throws me for a loop.

  4. Yes, I completely agree, this is a super weird time for my appetite. I think I regret it every time I go to the grocery store, might as well just buy food one day at a time, which tends to lead to take out every day. I’m hoping the second trimester is slightly more predictable, nutritious, and less expensive. The last couple of nights, I ate cinnamon toast crunch and bundt cake for dinner. I started craving a Taco Bell gordita crunch and chalupa with fire sauce, which I haven’t eaten since my freshman year in college in 2002. Over the weekend, I was begging my husband to get me some juice boxes, which I have never bought before in my life. We try our hardest to eat healthy, but that has been so hard during the first trimester.

    • Cinnamon Toast Crunch and bundt cake… Love it!!! So here’s the thing, I read your reply earlier and immediately texted my husband that we were having chipotle tonight. All I could think about was a burrito!!! What isn’t with the sugary juices? I don’t get it but t tastes soooo good. Gestational diabetes is making a lot more sense to me now.

      • Lol, I have been eating Chipotle several times a week. And also craving chili con queso and green chili chicken enchiladas from my favorite Mexican restaurant constantly. Haha, at least you aren’t craving Taco Bell! Your baby has classier taste than mine. πŸ˜‰

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