Never Get Comfy – updated!

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First of all, baby is doing just fine, with a heartbeat as strong as ever, and measuring exactly 13w1d. So, hallelujah and thank the heavens!!! 

But to recap… When I got home from work, there was some fresh blood and more cramping. I decided to call the doctor before weekend hours made it harder to get someone on the phone. The doctor called me right back and told me to meet him at the office. There was no hesitation and no further questions asked. He said he didn’t want me to have to live with any uncertainty all weekend.

I passed a small clot while at the doctor’s office, but baby’s heart was a strong 168 on the ultrasound. The only visible source for the problem seemed to be at the top of the placenta, near the cervix. It looked like it was lifting from the uterus slightly and that’s where blood was pooling. The doctor was not concerned. He said babies only actually need 50% of the placenta to survive and this was minuscule, comparatively.

He also added that if bleeding gets worse or I just need peace of mind, I should call any time, even if it’s over the weekend. They will scan me for free if it’s not covered by insurance. This sealed the deal fore that I am remaining with this OBGYN group. I had been on the fence, but they couldn’t have made me feel more validated or comfortable today than they did. 

So, given the good news, in spite of some blood, I think we are going to go ahead with our Facebook reveal tomorrow! Yippee!


  • Had my NT scan on Wednesday and everything looked great.
  • Subchorionic hematoma resolved itself.
  • Hit 13 weeks yesterday.
  • Announced pregnancy at work.

So, naturally, today I am having spotting and some cramps. It is very minimal, but it is there.

Come on, universe, please just throw me a fucking bone. Please.

11 thoughts on “Never Get Comfy – updated!

  1. Ugh spotting. Given all the positive results from your scan etc Its most likely nothing but it sends anxiety levels through the roof doesn’t it?! Hope it resolves itself really quick never to return again x

    • Thank you!!! I’ve seen quite enough blood in this pregnancy and would be elated to have it never return again! Doc report says nothing to worry about! This kid is giving me a run for my money already. 😜

  2. A heartbeat and having reached the second trimester are both amazingly good signs – congrats on getting through the first 13 weeks! 😊

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