Pregnancy Gods Forgive Me

I ate a turkey sandwich from my favorite kosher deli. I nuked it in the micro first, but I am still nervous because that’s me. I am the kind of person who is irrationally scared of food poisoning when I am not pregnant, and I just ate deli meat. This is called desperation. 

So, pregnancy gods, I implore you! I have been scared to eat for weeks and I needed something with nutritional value. Please forgive me just this once.

No, I couldn’t really enjoy it, but yeah, it was good… 


12 thoughts on “Pregnancy Gods Forgive Me

  1. Congrats! You and I miscarried around the same time after our last cycles so this gives me hope! We are doing our next IVF cycle in May! I stopped following only because I went into a deep depression. I looked around but never saw any detail about your last ivf. How many eggs did you get, etc.?

  2. I’ve eaten a few deli meat sandwiches during my pregnancy and felt mildly guilty each time. I feel more nervous about fruits and veggies these days with all the listeria break outs that have happened.

  3. Haha! so funny but very true.
    I did this exact thing, 3 days in a row when I was staying with my friends (she has a baby and tot). She made us bagel sandwiches with meat that was stored err, “questionably” in the fridge, but they were the best sandwiches I’ve had in soooo long. I figured, hell she had two beautiful babies and I’m def not making a habit of it…
    At least you nuked it 🙂

  4. My gynocologist told me that once in a while is ok. Like if you go to a friend’s house and EVERYTHING they have prepared is on the no-no list, just go for it anyway, no guilt trips, as long as you don’t make it a habit it should be fine. The risk only gets big when you do it regularly. ^^

    Hmm, I’m hungry.

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