14 Weeks 

Today, ALL of my pregnancy apps have officially rolled me over into second trimester. (Some of them rolled me over last week). Now I feel like a member of the second tri club. 

Here are some things the apps and books say about second trimester:

  • You will pee less. False. I didn’t pee any more than usual during first tri. Now, I can barely make it an hour, and am making one bathroom visit during each sleep.
  • You will get some energy back. False. I have been more tired than ever.
  • Your morning sickness will subside. False. Well, to be fair, I was very fortunate and never had textbook morning sickness. However, I feel “yuckier” and more run down than I did in first tri. I have a constant “full” feeling even if I haven’t eaten, and am consistently sore in the lower abdomen. Sort of achey I guess I would say.
  • Your boobs will be less tender. False. Just false.

Now, this is just me, and I have never been a “by the book” kind of gal. Also, it is very early in my second trimester so I’m sure the coming weeks will bring lots of change.

All in all, I am still feeling great and have no cause for complaint at all. NT scan and level 1 genetic blood work all came back normal, which I am so so grateful for. My family, friends, and colleagues couldn’t be happier and more supportive. Even Rob is starting to get a kick out of telling people I’m pregnant. 

Here’s today’s bump pic (jury is still out as to whether it is the beginning of a bump or still just bloat… probably a bit of each).


11 thoughts on “14 Weeks 

  1. Hehe I think those things (except maybe the pee frequency) actually do happen, but just not right at the start of the 2nd tri. That was my experience anyway. By week 16 I think I started feeling really good.

    • Yes, I am sure things will change in the next few weeks. I think it just took me by surprise because my first trimester symptoms were so minimal and now they seems to have increased! I’m just really looking forward to my bump. ☺️

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