15 Weeks

Some notes:

  • Craving: chips with artificial cheese (i.e. Doritos), pickles (cliche, but true…), BLT w/turkey bacon (could literally eat these for every meal, happily), French fries or fried potato in any form, lemonade 
  • Bump: can definitely feel my uterus above my pubic bone, but still no bump 😣 …yeah, yeah, I know… soon enough…
  • doc appointment at 14w5d was uneventful – heard heartbeat (yay💛), but my home Doppler is better than theirs! I guess uneventful is a good thing!
  • still going to acupuncture once a week 
  • Good news: going back to the gym!
  • Looking forward to: celebrating my sister’s birthday this weekend (soon to be Auntie Dara in about 6 months!)
  • Baby Items: furniture for nursery (from my parents’ house) is being delivered tomorrow, and Rob’s parents told us that they are giving us the family heirloom rocking chair from Italy! I’m not quite ready to start the registry or to do any shopping of my own yet.
  • Worries: trying to figure out my long term disability insurance for maternity leave (have been paying into it for 11 years; have no idea what my coverage is or what my policy number is or how to go about figuring it out…)

That’s about it… if I think of anything else worth adding, I will update! 


(It is definitely pouchier and bulgier, but still mostly soft, and in my opinion, does not yet qualify for bump status!!!) Maybe next week?!? 

13 thoughts on “15 Weeks

  1. Uneventful = fabulous, in my books. Especially when you’re at this stage. I loved 2nd trimester. You may not show as much if you had some tighter abs too…when it pops, it’ll pop! Enjoy fitting into all/most of your clothes for as long as it lasts! Xx

  2. When I was at a wedding last weekend (right before 16 weeks), a girl literally said,”Oh, I thought it might just be a food baby.” I refrained from punching her, but I feel your pain on not having an official bump yet. There’s nothing that screams, “I’M PREGNANT!” Like a baby bump.

  3. Soon enough you’ll have a big ole baby bump! I’m feeling huge this pregnancy, but I have to remind myself that second babies your body just gets huge quicker. Thanks for making me want Doritos and a BLT right now!

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