Baby Bargains 

Last Sunday, my parents gifted me this book, as a mommy-to-be gift on Mother’s Day. 

Baby Bargains, by Denise and Alan Fields

At first I thought that as someone who gets overwhelmed easily, this book would just induce more unnecessary anxiety. I am the kind of person who hates shopping because I can’t put an outfit together unless I saw it in the display case. To date, shopping and registering for baby has been this daunting task that I keep shoving to the back of my mind. (When the time comes, I will just bring mom with me and she will know what to do…) 

Enter Baby Bargains. I’m only on page 26, but I already feel better armed and educated to start shopping for baby. Contrary to the title, this book is not about finding the least expensive products. It takes safety, quality, and price into consideration and offers lots of options depending on the type of person you are. 

Also, the authors do not accept freebies or discounts from anyone. Everything in the book is based on heir first hand experience with products they paid full retail price for, and customer reviews.

As I mentioned, I am only on page 26 of 590 (!!!), but I am already finding the information helpful, and best yet, I’m actually (dare I say it) getting excited to start the registry! Mom is still coming with me, for sure, but at least now I will have some educated opinions to add to the experience!

5 thoughts on “Baby Bargains 

  1. Love this book. I bought it after My Perfect Breakdown recommended it. We already had some ideas in mind, so I jumped ahead to those categories to see if our idea was a resourceful and recommended choice. It’s been super useful so far.

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