23 Weeks

Truth: 2nd trimester is slow (read: boring) and there’s not much to “write home about.”  Having said that, since I haven’t really updated in a while, there are at least a few things worth mentioning, for the record.

Anatomy Scan & Doctor Visits: The anatomy scan had to be completed in two sessions because Baby was not being cooperative. I did write about the first session in another post. A week ago, I went back for part 2, and they were able to get all of the measurements and pics they needed. The doctor said the heart is “textbook perfect,” and everything looks great. Phew. One more hurdle… 

Yesterday I had a quick check up with the regular OBGYN. Fundal measurements and heartbeat are A.O.K. Next up… glucose tolerance test. Yikes!

Weight: total gain +12 and change

Sleep: Getting harder. I sleep well every other night. This is because one night I sleep terribly and the next night I’m so exhausted I could probably sleep through the apocalypse. My mom treated me to a snoogle, at my not-so-subtle request. I like it for napping but not for a full night’s sleep. They need a snoogle for short people; it’s a little unwieldy. The dog, however, LOVES the snoogle at all times of day (see pic below!), I wake up with hip pain from sleeping on my side, and stiff legs, but it’s not too bad. Peeing 1-2x per night. I’m thirstiest at night, which doesn’t help.

Best Stuff: Ordered the nursery furniture, set a date for baby shower, went back to Jazzercise!!! (not teaching yet; doing low impact in back of the room) – boy did I miss it, growing bump

Hard Stuff: Hubs working the summer job leaves me “single” for long stretches at times, I miss summer drinking (and sushi, and tuna in all forms), drinking enough water, waiting to feel more movement, figuring out maternity leave, popping the registry cherry…

Food: sweets, sweets, sweets… juice, fruit, baked goods, small snacks and meals work better than three full meals a day, some days I don’t really have much of an appetite at all (these are the days I end up eating an entire bag of candy corn instead of actual food)

Some recent pics:


my pupster with the snoogle

22 Weeks & 8th Grade Graduation

8th grade graduation day… always a proud day, and always a tear jerker. This year we added preggo hormones to the equation! One of my students from last year wrote and read the speech and I just couldn’t keep it together. I have only been out of the classroom as the district middle school literacy coach for one year and I am already yearning to be back in the trenches with the kids. With baby on the way, I will hold off on that for a bit and see what life has in store, but I definitely see myself back in the classroom at some point.

22 weeks today. 


The Difference 2 Weeks Makes

In the past 2 weeks, I have lost my waist line, my boobs have exploded, and I’m getting very nervous to step on a scale again. 

People keep telling me how great I look for 21 weeks, which I do appreciate. (Small victory: still wearing heels to work! Woohoo!) However, I think my pregnancy anxieties are coming true: I am not destined to have a cute defined bump; I am destined to fill out and round off all over. I think I will have my postpartum work cut out for me. 


Baby is worth it, of course! I didn’t get it when pregnant women complained about losing their bodies and hating how they looked, but ok… I get it now. I’m thrilled to be here and wouldn’t have it any other way, but I do get it.

20 Week Scan – Kind of a Bummer

This past weekend, Rob and I took a long weekend in Martha’s Vineyard. It was our first time away since our honeymoon, three years ago. I guess you could call it a babymoon, but it was more like “Use the Pregnancy to Guilt Hubs into Taking a Weekend Off… Moon.”


It was a beautiful weekend, and what made it even better was the anticipation of the anatomy scan I was scheduled for the day after we got back (today).

This morning, my mom, sister, and I met at the specialist’s office. Here are short hand notes (because it’s a short hand kind of night):

  • ultrasound tech was not warm & fuzzy
  • tech was strict about no video or photo, even though we had been allowed to take both at the NT scan at the same location 
  • baby was facing my insides, which made it difficult for tech to get all measurements
  • in fact, despite our best efforts (sugar, cold water, dancing, loud music, turning side to side), baby would not budge 
  • for an hour and a half, we tried and tried, but baby barely moved
  • tech mentioned that this “worried her” a bit… who says that to a pregnant woman?!?
  • tech checked heartbeat twice once baby wasn’t moving 
  • we got a tiny bit of responsiveness after I ate an amazing hazelnut cookie (or two) – thanks to my sister’s stash!!!
  • baby was giving “rock on” symbol with one hand, which I immediately attributed to baby not having all 5 fingers on that hand, because that’s just how neurotic I am
  • I got chastised several times for not having eaten breakfast before my appointment
  • I was asked if I’m eating regularly and well…Uuuuh hello, I’m +12 pounds right now, which is frightening
  • doc came in and said measurements they were able to record all look good – within 5 days of what was expected (slightly behind)
  • doc said this lack of movement / inability to get all measurements needed happens in approx. 1 in 10 women and baby was probably just comfy and stubborn 
  • I return in 2 weeks to complete the scan since they could not get all of the measurements

Now, in spite of doc telling me repeatedly not to worry, of course I am worried! I am worried because I was starting to feel much more movement a few days ago and have barely felt anything since. Worried because baby was so so mellow today in spite of my best efforts. Worried because of the measurements that are a bit behind.

I know that none of these warrant legit worry – at least not yet – but what can I say. My battle to get this far did not exactly result in a calm and easy going prego. I can’t make apologies for that. I try to keep it in check (and publicly, I do, … for the most part!), but as for what goes on in my already anxiety prone mind, well, I don’t have much control over that. Just praying that the next 2 weeks fly by and that I get some peace of mind at my next visit. 

 profile shots of my cute little doodlebug at 20w5d 

20 Weeks

I couldn’t resist posting a photo first thing this morning, but I will do a little more of an update now. 

Honestly, there’s not much to say. Hubs and I are taking a long weekend to Martha’s Vineyard… our first “vacation” in 3 years since our honeymoon. I guess you could call it a ‘babymoon…’ or you could just say he finally felt guilty enough to take a weekend off of work. The weather is going to be iffy, but a weekend away is a weekend away. You won’t hear me complaining!

All in all, I am feeling pretty good. Every three days or so, I am noticing moderately intense cramps on my left side for a few hours in the early evening. They don’t seem to be brought on by anything in particular. If possible, I am getting in to bed when this happens. My anatomy scan is scheduled for Tuesday, so I will mention it to the doctor. Hopefully baby will check out fine and it’s all part of the growing pains process.

Speaking of anatomy scans… I FINALLY GET TO SEE MY DOODLEBUG AGAIN!!! I can not wait. Mom and sister will be joining me and I am so excited to share the experience with them. Of course I am a little anxious because I want everything to look healthy and perfect, but mostly I am just soooo looking forward to catching a glimpse… or 10… of Baby A!!! We will not be finding out the gender. I’m looking forward to hearing it announced in the delivery room. 

That’s really about it. I’m still sleeping pretty well. Have a little shortness of breath and the tiniest amount of indigestion here and there (at least I think that’s what it is?!?). Still feeling little flutters and anticipating the first bigger movements. 

Can’t believe we are at 20 weeks!

 “Whoooaaaa we’re halfway there! Whooooaaaa! Livin’ on a prayer!” 

Half BakedĀ 


20 weeks – 7 AM

Maternity pants with pre-prego shirt. The look of the bump so largely depends on what I am wearing at this point. Yesterday I didn’t appear to have any bump at all. Waiting for the infamous “pop,” but fearing I may just be one of those people who looks all around puffy and chubby the whole time! Maybe I should stop eating this coffee roll from Dunkin’ 

<le sigh…>

(But really as long as baby is healthy, I don’t care what I look like on the outside!!!)