20 Week Scan – Kind of a Bummer

This past weekend, Rob and I took a long weekend in Martha’s Vineyard. It was our first time away since our honeymoon, three years ago. I guess you could call it a babymoon, but it was more like “Use the Pregnancy to Guilt Hubs into Taking a Weekend Off… Moon.”


It was a beautiful weekend, and what made it even better was the anticipation of the anatomy scan I was scheduled for the day after we got back (today).

This morning, my mom, sister, and I met at the specialist’s office. Here are short hand notes (because it’s a short hand kind of night):

  • ultrasound tech was not warm & fuzzy
  • tech was strict about no video or photo, even though we had been allowed to take both at the NT scan at the same location 
  • baby was facing my insides, which made it difficult for tech to get all measurements
  • in fact, despite our best efforts (sugar, cold water, dancing, loud music, turning side to side), baby would not budge 
  • for an hour and a half, we tried and tried, but baby barely moved
  • tech mentioned that this “worried her” a bit… who says that to a pregnant woman?!?
  • tech checked heartbeat twice once baby wasn’t moving 
  • we got a tiny bit of responsiveness after I ate an amazing hazelnut cookie (or two) – thanks to my sister’s stash!!!
  • baby was giving “rock on” symbol with one hand, which I immediately attributed to baby not having all 5 fingers on that hand, because that’s just how neurotic I am
  • I got chastised several times for not having eaten breakfast before my appointment
  • I was asked if I’m eating regularly and well…Uuuuh hello, I’m +12 pounds right now, which is frightening
  • doc came in and said measurements they were able to record all look good – within 5 days of what was expected (slightly behind)
  • doc said this lack of movement / inability to get all measurements needed happens in approx. 1 in 10 women and baby was probably just comfy and stubborn 
  • I return in 2 weeks to complete the scan since they could not get all of the measurements

Now, in spite of doc telling me repeatedly not to worry, of course I am worried! I am worried because I was starting to feel much more movement a few days ago and have barely felt anything since. Worried because baby was so so mellow today in spite of my best efforts. Worried because of the measurements that are a bit behind.

I know that none of these warrant legit worry – at least not yet – but what can I say. My battle to get this far did not exactly result in a calm and easy going prego. I can’t make apologies for that. I try to keep it in check (and publicly, I do, … for the most part!), but as for what goes on in my already anxiety prone mind, well, I don’t have much control over that. Just praying that the next 2 weeks fly by and that I get some peace of mind at my next visit. 

 profile shots of my cute little doodlebug at 20w5d 

19 thoughts on “20 Week Scan – Kind of a Bummer

  1. So sorry your scan didn’t go as planned. I guess babies are sometimes just as difficult while they’re growing as they were to conceive. Hopefully next time baby is more cooperative! (And the tech isn’t such a witch!)

    • Yes, I suppose having a baby isn’t bound to get *easier.* Actually conceiving it, after all, is supposed to be the fun part (BAH!). Hopefully in two weeks I will have good news!!!

      • Hahaha!!! Maybe it will get “easier” after the baby is born? Though I’ve heard the answer to that one is no as well lol. Fingers crossed for good news next time! Are you going to share with us if you do find out the sex?

      • Hahaha laughing hard about it getting easier after birth! But at least there will be snuggles! We are choosing to wait until birth to find out the sex. Sometimes I wonder why I’m putting myself through the suspense…!!!

  2. Cute! I’m sorry your scan was so frustrating and worrying. If it’s any comfort, I had the same thing happen around 25 weeks when I went for a 3d (for fun) scan. DD was sleeping and would not budge whatsoever, plus her head was buried in the placenta so we couldn’t even see her face. We paid for a package that included a 30 min dvd plus a bunch of 3d & 2d photos, but all we got in the end were a couple stills and the nurse commenting that my lack of amniotic fluid concerned her. My regular doctor, because of this comment, sent me for weekly scans to measure the fluid, and it turned out in the end I just had a shitty tech who couldn’t measure fluid easily, and a stubborn baby so can sleep through anything (she still can). I hope your baby is just as stubborn and perfect like mine turned out to be after all that unnecessary worry. Xx

    • Yes, that is comforting!!! I have heard of quite a few women paying for the 3D packages and ending up with an uncooperative baby! Ugh sorry you had to go through all of that unnecessary worry – but glad it resulted in a stubborn and perfect baby! Hopefully we will have the same outcome!!! šŸ’œ

  3. Well that is just crappy they wouldn’t let you take any pics if they did before! I wonder why they didn’t just give you a buzz like when they do the NST. Always gets em moving. Well almost always!

  4. I’m sorry the tech as so horrible! I really hope your doctor is right and you shouldn’t worry too much, but I know the wait for your next scan and therefore reassurance might just be the longest tww of your life! I hope you find a way to stay calm.

  5. Your scan sounds very similar to the experience we had at around 20 weeks, rock on hand gestures and all! One thing I have learned through our pregnancy journey is that ultrasound is only as reliable as the pictures that are able to gotten and the person looking at the screen. We have had many ultrasounds, and many different techs and docs looking, and it amazes me how often people see different things. In the end, they have been wrong about several big things with our baby. At this point I have such anxiety over the ultrasounds that I try my best to just focus on the positivity I get from those who support us. Hang in there! Sending positive thoughts your way!

  6. Sorry you had such a rough scan. But happy thing is you got to see your baby!! We had our scan on Monday and our tech also was not very friendly. She was all business. Kind of dampened the mood a bit. And side note, I have gained 13-14 lbs, so don’t worry about your 12 lb gain!

  7. Ugh sucks for the rough scanning experience. Like everyone else, I bet your little one was just being extra cozy. Maybe that means they will be a great sleeper one baby is out?! Cute scan pic too!

  8. Definitely try not to worry! That tech shouldn’t have said that!! I’m thankful to have such a wonderful tech. I had a scan today and we wiggled my belly (I had a caffeine free soda before going and some toast), and baby girl wouldn’t budge. In fact, she let out a huge yawn as if to say to quit bothering her. She wouldn’t budge at the last scan either. She’s just stubborn and comfy (with her hands and feet above her head). My tech or dr didn’t seemed worried one bit. Babies have personality šŸ™‚ apparently mine and yours are just stubborn šŸ™‚

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