23 Weeks

Truth: 2nd trimester is slow (read: boring) and there’s not much to “write home about.”  Having said that, since I haven’t really updated in a while, there are at least a few things worth mentioning, for the record.

Anatomy Scan & Doctor Visits: The anatomy scan had to be completed in two sessions because Baby was not being cooperative. I did write about the first session in another post. A week ago, I went back for part 2, and they were able to get all of the measurements and pics they needed. The doctor said the heart is “textbook perfect,” and everything looks great. Phew. One more hurdle… 

Yesterday I had a quick check up with the regular OBGYN. Fundal measurements and heartbeat are A.O.K. Next up… glucose tolerance test. Yikes!

Weight: total gain +12 and change

Sleep: Getting harder. I sleep well every other night. This is because one night I sleep terribly and the next night I’m so exhausted I could probably sleep through the apocalypse. My mom treated me to a snoogle, at my not-so-subtle request. I like it for napping but not for a full night’s sleep. They need a snoogle for short people; it’s a little unwieldy. The dog, however, LOVES the snoogle at all times of day (see pic below!), I wake up with hip pain from sleeping on my side, and stiff legs, but it’s not too bad. Peeing 1-2x per night. I’m thirstiest at night, which doesn’t help.

Best Stuff: Ordered the nursery furniture, set a date for baby shower, went back to Jazzercise!!! (not teaching yet; doing low impact in back of the room) – boy did I miss it, growing bump

Hard Stuff: Hubs working the summer job leaves me “single” for long stretches at times, I miss summer drinking (and sushi, and tuna in all forms), drinking enough water, waiting to feel more movement, figuring out maternity leave, popping the registry cherry…

Food: sweets, sweets, sweets… juice, fruit, baked goods, small snacks and meals work better than three full meals a day, some days I don’t really have much of an appetite at all (these are the days I end up eating an entire bag of candy corn instead of actual food)

Some recent pics:


my pupster with the snoogle

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