The name of this blog is “making a little a,” and well, now we’ve made one!

This blog and this community have been invaluable to me during my fertility journey. Through all of the treatments, my ectopic last summer, and my pregnancy,’I have found so much comfort in writing, and in sharing in your stories. 

I realize my blogging became next to never during my second and third trimester and so I have decided that for motherhood “journaling” I am going to move over to Instagram. There, I can throw a quick pic or quote together to capture the moments and experiences that I want to remember. Please feel free to follow me @the_real_mommy

I will still read all of your blogs and comment here and there… and maybe even post from time to time! ☺️

Thanks to everyone who has helped me through these past few years; I couldn’t have done it without you!!! 💜